Gary Peters Invisible Man Image

Sen. Gary Peters is all talk and no results when it comes to helping Michigan. In fact, it’s almost like he’s… invisible.

During Peters’ time in the US House, he skipped 84% of Small Business Committee hearings that could’ve strengthened Michigan businesses and protected workers from a future pandemic.

Peters failed to show up to 89% of committee hearings for the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, the committee where he pledged to “hold China accountable” in 2015.

Despite skipping key hearings and countless committee hearings that would’ve made the country strong prior to a pandemic, The Invisible Man doubled his wealth on the backs of hardworking Michigan taxpayers.

Sen. Peters got rich in public office, doubling his wealth — a fact that Bridge Michigan confirmed.

According to Peters’ official Personal Finance Disclosures required of every member in congress, from 2007 to 2018, the average value of his assets increased from $1,728,562 to $3,864,093, or 124%.

In conjunction with increasing his wealth, Senator Peters receives $174,000 a year from America’s taxpayers and an exclusive, gold-plated, taxpayer-paid health insurance plan not available to the public also funded by the taxpayers.

The Invisible Senator, ranking member on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, was invisible during the country’s COVID-19 response — ignoring reports of the country’s unpreparedness for a global pandemic for years.

Peters ran for Senate during the 2014 Ebola pandemic and was placed on the Homeland Security Committee after his election.

Peters’ responsibilities included serving on two subcommittees, where in his first 2 years in the US senate, he skipped 2/3 of the subcommittee hearings.

In addition to missed hearings, Peters was presented with numerous reports on the country’s lack of preparedness and did nothing.

In a February 2020 interview when he said the risk of coronavirus “is low,” even following a Homeland Security affairs committee hearing on global pandemics that same day.

As the threat of coronavirus grew, Peters told WZZM, “We need to provide a second layer of defense at our border.”

Nevertheless, two days later, Peters travelled to London for a fundraiser.

The Invisible Man rejected all debates hosted on local news stations — the same stations that hosted the 2018 Governor Debates.

Senator Peters continues to reject accepting a spot on the debate stage because he doesn’t want a spotlight on his track record of failures and ineffectiveness.

Peters has declined debates hosted by WOOD TV in Grand Rapids, WDIV in Detroit, WXYZ in Detroit, WSYM in Lansing, and WXMI in Grand Rapids.